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10 reasons to ditch SMS for over-the-top messaging apps

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Feb. 10, 2016
All the cool kids are using Line and WhatsApp. What’s your excuse?

Free phone calls

Remember how OTT messaging apps let you text people (for free!) without knowing their phone number? Well they also let you call people (for free!) without knowing their phone number.


Stickers are like emoticons on steroids. These cute drawings let you express your feelings in ways you never even imagined. That sounds a little dramatic, but trust me on this: once you discover the power of stickers, you will never be able to go back to your boring sticker-less texts.

They’re just so much fun

These days, the only texts I get are from, Craigslist, and my mother (who refuses to use an OTT messaging app because it’s just “too much work”). All the cool people (sorry, Mom) use OTT messaging apps because they’re fun, colorful, full of adorable stickers and themes, and way more convenient. My app of choice, Line, even has a whole backstory going on with its “Line Friends” characters.

How can you resist this?!


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