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Your best bets for finding Wi-Fi on domestic flights

Ian Paul | June 27, 2013
Inflight Wi-Fi is becoming a required feature for many cross-country travelers, especially for flights that last more than four hours.

Things get a little dicier after Virgin and United. Delta offers power on just 580 daily domestic flights that offer Wi-Fi, with American coming in second with 515; however, power outlets are currently rolling out to another 146 Wi-Fi-enabled American flights.

As for regular United flights? Only 24 daily departures offer electricity and Wi-Fi for the masses, Routehappy says.

Bottom line: If you're low on battery power, better charge up before your flight.

The best routes for Wi-Fi
Destinations also play a role on whether you can count on Wi-Fi. Routehappy found that even though only 38 percent of U.S. domestic flights offer Internet service, Wi-Fi is available for 44 percent of U.S. domestic flying time. In other words, longer flights are more likely to offer connectivity.

That being said, the route with the most Wi-Fi turns out to be Los Angeles-San Francisco, perhaps due to the influence of Silicon Valley. Next up is Los Angeles- New York (JFK), followed by Atlanta-Orlando. Thanks to Atlanta's prominence as Delta's main hub, Atlanta has the most domestic Wi-Fi flights overall, the study says.

Bottom line: where you're going can influence the likelihood of getting inflight Wi-Fi

So those are the big takeaways from Routehappy's plunge into the state of domestic inflight Wi-Fi.

But there's more to flying with gadgets than just inflight Wi-Fi. Take a look at TechHive's survey of the top 10 tech-friendly U.S. airlines to see what other factors tech travelers should take into consideration when flying the friendly skies.


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