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Xbox One Elite Controller review: I'm finally replacing my wired 360 controller

Hayden Dingman | Oct. 23, 2015
I don't need a US$150 Xbox One controller. You probably don't need one either. But that doesn't change the fact Microsoft has built a gorgeous piece of hardware.

The Elite controller comes with a bag for you to store all the extra components in, but I’m still nervous I’m going to leave a piece lying around or drop one into the couch. And I’m a (reasonably) responsible adult. I can’t imagine having this thing around kids. Especially because at the moment there’s no way to replace a part if it’s lost.

Bottom line

When Microsoft released the Xbox One controller, I was disappointed. Not only had they failed to improve on the Xbox 360 controller, but I honestly felt like it was a step backward. The trigger rumble was a nice touch, but otherwise I disliked pretty much everything about it.

I’m still not sure the Elite controller is better than the 360 controller, but it’s closer, and it opens all sort of customization doors for serious controller-wielding gamers. Of course, it’s also one hundred and fifty freaking dollars. If you’re not a pro-gamer or aiming to be a pro-gamer, that number will no doubt give you pause—and for good reason. The Elite controller is better, but I don’t know if it’s “Three Times As Expensive” better.

Then again, I spent that much on a keyboard so I’m not one to talk.


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