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Why the Comcast call from hell is great news for customers

Mark Hachman | July 18, 2014
If you're currently a Comcast customer, pick up the phone, call the company, and politely explain that you're considering leaving. You could potentially save a bundle of money.

I'm happy with my Comcast service, but not so happy that I would never jump to another provider. If worst came to worst, my smartphone could provide 4G tethering for a few days. Plus, Comcast is likely sensitive about losing customers right now. It's already coping with security concerns about its Wi-Fi service, and customers are fed up with its high prices. This latest phone call fiasco only invites further public contempt.

So Comcast is motivated to keep your business, now more than ever. As long as you're on its subscriber rolls, it stands a chance of upselling you on additional products and services. My negotiating point has always been that I enjoy Comcast's service and would like to remain a subscriber, but that I would like to pay a lower rate, too. The company has always accommodated me.

Of course, Comcast's willingness to negotiate doesn't excuse its representative's attitude, tone of voice, and aggression toward Block and Belmont. But if Comcast is going to aggressively fight for your business, then let it. See how far it's willing to budge. After all, they can only say no.


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