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Why have consumers spent $1 million on Vessyl, an absurd calorie-counting cup?

Jon Phillips | July 25, 2014
The Vessyl calorie-counting cup is probably the most ridiculous, unnecessary gadget I've seen demoed in all my years as a tech journalist--yet somehow, inexplicably, the company behind it has just announced that it's surpassed $1 million in pre-order sales.

Why I'm complaining about Vessyl now

I was among the original group of journalists who saw Vessyl under an information embargo. My tech-press colleagues wrote about the cup when the embargo lifted on June 12, and I was simultaneously horrified and disappointed to see so many of them cover Vessyl without calling out its obvious drawbacks and dubious features.

I knew I had only bad things to say about Vessyl, so I decided to ignore the cup — a decision I now regret. At the time I was subscribing to a philosophy of "If you can't say anything nice...." My intention was to wait for a final review unit before passing judgement. But now, when I see that more than 10,000 early adopters have purchased the cup, I'm compelled to think I should have written something sooner. On its advertised product features alone, Vessyl makes absolutely no sense. 

That's my take at least. Someone, anyone: If you purchased Vessyl on pre-order, tell me why I'm wrong. Tell me why Vessyl isn't a poster product for silly tech start-up excess.

And it looks like Stephen Colbert may want an answer too...


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