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Where Jeb Bush stands on cybersecurity

Steve Morgan | Sept. 24, 2015
A look at what the Presidential candidates have to say about cybersecurity, starting with Jeb Bush.

Jeb advocates cybersecurity collaboration with U.S. nation partners globally...: "The need to protect sensitive systems from bad actors is a modern-day equivalent of securing the world’s oceans for freedom of navigation, and just as nations came together to protect the seas, they should do so to secure the Internet."

... and with the private sector: "The U.S. Government and businesses should work together as partners to improve cybersecurity in public and private sectors in a way that also respects citizens’ privacy."

Support for the tech industry... reading between the lines you might interpret his stance as supporting cybersecurity vendors in their efforts to build stronger encryption in to its products - without too much government restriction: "As part of this national effort to improve cybersecurity, the government must not be an obstacle to innovation in the tech industry. The government’s power to incentivize and empower must take precedence over its predilection to regulate and constrain. Because cyberthreats are always evolving, effective cybersecurity requires continuous innovation, which a flourishing tech industry provides."

Jeb says immigration can help spur new cyber startups, but he doesn't say how: "We need to transform immigration into an economically-driven system that retains and brings in highly skilled immigrants. Such a system would help create startups and increase innovation."

Next week: Carly Fiorina on cybersecurity.

(The author does not endorse any one candidate or political party in this article.)


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