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Where are the iPhone, iPad and Mac designed, made and assembled? A comprehensive breakdown of Apple's product supply chain

Christopher Minasians | Jan. 28, 2016
Where are Apple's iPhone, iPads and Macs made? And why don't they assemble their products in the US?

Where are Apple products made: Where is the iPhone made?

And so we return to the original question: Where is an iPhone (or an iPad, or the component parts of any Apple device) made?

The answer is: everywhere. Due to the complex supply chain within each of these companies, the number of countries involved in the manufacturing and even assembly process of Apple's devices is impossibly diverse.

Where are Apple products made: Made in China

The reason Apple sticks "Made in China" on its devices is because the majority of the parts tend to be sourced from China, but they are frequently made elsewhere (in Taiwan, for example). The assembly of Apple's devices is for the most part done in China - which is why we will continue to see "Made in China" despite a lot of these companies, including Apple, creating their designs in countries like the United States.

Looking more closely at the Chinese assembly line, it's also made people question why Apple has chosen to outsource and even assemble its devices outside its domestic territory and choose China as its primary location. The simple answer is: China allows greater flexibility and even has the natural resources to cope with high-demand manufacturing.

Where are Apple products made: How much does an iPhone cost to make?

Finally, we should also look at the cost of manufacturing certain phones (we will quote the figures in US dollars, in order to avoid any currency fluctuation conversions).

According to research firm IHS, the iPhone 6s Plus (Apple's current flagship phone, at the time of writing) costs Apple $236 to manufacture (once manufacturing costs are added), whilst it retails at over three times the price at $749 for the 16GB model. What's even more interesting to note is the extra storage found in the 64GB model costs Apple around $17 extra to make, while it charges its customers an extra $100 for the extra storage space.

In the UK the iPhone 6s Plus 64GB can be found for around £600.

Where are Apple products made: Apple vs Samsung

It's interesting to understand the cost of the manufacturing process, as when compared to other manufacturers like Samsung, who make a lot of Apple's internal parts and manufacture a greater percentage of components within their own devices; it costs Samsung more to build the Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB over the Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB model. The Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB can be found for around £500 on Amazon.

This all goes to show how complex and yet how successful Apple is as a logistical engine, keeping down costs and managing a vast and complicated supply chain with links around the globe.


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