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What's in my bag: STM Dux, OtterBox Symmetry, and Velvetwire Powerline

Susie Ochs | July 29, 2015
As I've aged, I've learned things about myself: I get sleepy at 3:30 in the afternoon. I don't like coconut. I need to keep my gadgets in a case. And I will lose cables like it's my job. (But it's not.)

OtterBox Symmetry Series

I have a love-hate relationship with iPhone cases. I would love to carry my iPhone without a case, but that way lies madness and shattered screens. I dropped my iPhone 5 so many times, I eventually had to replace it with a 5c just weeks before the iPhone 6 debuted. Now my husband has that 5c, I have the 6, and both of them have OtterBox cases.

OtterBox isn't the only rugged case on the market, but over the years I've really grown to trust the brand. And if you haven't checked out their offerings lately, you might be surprised--I didn't realize they came in prints now. I'm sporting the Symmetry series in "Brazilian Pop by Nina Garcia," ($45) and I get compliments on the bright, rainbow-hued, geometric print all the time.

The case has a rubber edge that extends out from the front of the screen to protect it if it falls face-down. I love how the graphics wrap around the edges, but the rubbery covers over the buttons are hard to push--it's more difficult to use the volume buttons to take photos with this case on. It's a lot sleeker than the humungous Defender series my husband uses on his iPhone 5c.


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