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What is WESA and what it means for eSports: Counter-Strike got its own version of FIFA

Christopher Minasians | May 18, 2016
The World Esports Assocation (WESA) has been raising a few eyebrows in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene, as it has a lot of fans concerned about the implications a governing body will have on the growth of eSports.

This does however raise some questions to the players who weren't approached or haven't yet joined WESA, and furthermore the boundaries this will create for new players wanting to join the CS:GO scene.

WESA in eSports: what are the pros and cons?

The biggest concern and problem on most people's minds is the boundaries this might create for other leagues in the future, new teams with unknown players, and people having to subscribe to watch tournaments.

The community has a fear of CS:GO becoming a paid-only service to watch, whereas now it can be watched for free on Twitch. If WESA were to become big enough, they could start limiting the streams and ways to watch the tournament by implementing paid-for services, which would generate more revenue for the WESA participants, but seriously hinder the viewership count.

For other leagues, we don't feel that they could be impacted too badly, as teams will still want to play in these leagues. However, as time goes by, we could see a reduction in participants, due to WESA imposing new league rules. At this stage there's no real problem, but they could arise in the future.

Certain analysts and bloggers have noted the impact this will have on new teams and players. With WESA in place, it might be harder for players to enter certain competitions and furthermore be part of WESA without a certain level of approval.

On the flip side, there are benefits, which will hopefully see the players in more control of how competitions are run, how they are treated and ultimately paid more than they are currently, with earnings being split more evenly.

WESA in eSports: is this what eSports needs?

The eSports scene is constantly growing, and CS:GO is rising in popularity, with major tournaments now having massive $1million+ prize pools. There is a need of a governing body to take care of all the ins and outs of player contracts and team's misbehaving. This also includes anti-doping policies and anti-cheat programs being utilised, to prevent any sort of dishonesty taking place.

At this moment in time, there's a lot of uncertainty with the creation of WESA, but if it's run correctly and favoured by players and fans, then WESA can only be a good thing for the community. Maybe in a year's time, WESA will become the benchmark for other associations wanting to create the same type of governing body, only time will tell.


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