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What are phone jammers trying to tell us?

Mike Elgan | May 31, 2016
Cellphone jammers are illegal. So why do people keep using them? (Hint: because tech moves too slowly.)

We're all becoming information cyborgs, with instant, real-time information and communication, artificial intelligence bots, and all the world's knowledge at our fingertips at all times.

Meanwhile, our most advanced computers are no match for the human brain, and may never be, despite what the futurists are always telling us. Everyone will be far better off, and cheating will be obsolete, when we teach and test human creativity instead of human memorization.

Or, better yet, all exams should be "open smartphone" exams, where one's ability to use a smartphone to look up facts, details and answers is part of what's being tested. Because that's how the world works now. The students taking exams today will never live in a world without the mobile Internet.

When people use cellphone jammers, they're almost always trying to solve a problem that's different and much larger than the one they think they're solving.

The reality is that smartphones exist. Wireless communication exists. Access to the Internet from anywhere exists. And smartphones and wireless gadgets are quickly becoming universal and ubiquitous. The best solution to whatever societal problems these realities appear to create is rarely to simply block the phones.

The best solution to the problems created by technology is always better technology.


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