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Want to connect the next billion? Think economics, not heroics

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry | Aug. 25, 2014
One of the dominant themes in this column is the idea that the "next billion" and the "next next billion" will determine the future of technology, and especially mobile technology. Africa leapfrogged the rich world in mobile adoption and mobile payments, and could leapfrog everything else. The next dominant mobile platform could very well come from the emerging markets or, like Firefox OS, be geared towards the emerging markets.

This isn't to say that Google Loon and are hopeless or useless. To the contrary — any effort towards increasing connectivity is good, and they might do real good.

But it just serves to highlight that increasing connectivity is coming one way or another, and probably sooner than you think. And when it does, the change will be felt not just in Lagos and Mumbai, but in Paris and New York.


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