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VTech shifts data breach liability to customers - why this is a non-starter

John E Dunn | Feb. 11, 2016
Toy maker VTech thinks data breaches are now the customer's problem. But will it be Child’s play?

Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault:

"This is a bad stance for a company to take. It's trying to take a completely zero accountability approach to a product they are selling. On top of that, it could potentially set a terrible precedent for other technology companies.

"In today's digital age, personal data is in some ways worth as much as currency. Imagine if the banks turned around and stated in their terms and conditions that by placing money with them, you lose any expectation that the money will be kept safe because bank robbers may loot the vault. I really hope VTech takes a look at their statement and the data they hold and reconsiders their position on the matter."

VTech shifts data breach liability to customers - the bottom line

In computer security moral hazard always lies with the maker not the consumer, no matter what the law demands. VTech needs to understand that security tech products is about reputation and not simply legality.

Source: Computerworld UK 


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