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VMob: Seeking a New York endorsement

James Henderson | Oct. 2, 2014
"Make your mark in New York and you are a made man," once wrote the late Mark Twain.

With every one of the top 200 retailers having at least one smartphone app in the US, Bradley's homework suggests it to be a viable market to operate in.

But with maturer markets comes challenges, as well as increased competition.

"We have developed a very lean and automated approach to sales and marketing," says Bradley, alluding that it's "a little bit of a case of eating our own dog food". "This enables us to compete very cost effectively with even the largest of competitors in the US.

"The flip side of increased competition is also that we have a much greater level of awareness around our product offering in the market place.

"That is to say, we're dealing with people who already understand the advantages of mobile marketing automation and targeting, meaning we can focus on selling the particular strengths of VMob, rather than the concept mobile marketing automation in general, which tends to be a much longer conversation."

Another key strategic advantage to having a presence in the US in Bradley's eyes is the increasing value in integrating with other SaaS marketing, CRM and ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SalesForce.

"We're taking advantage of a strong partnership with Microsoft which will see them supporting us with key marketing activities in the US and abroad," he adds. "Being on the ground and available in the US market gives us a strong position to build on relationships with these US headquartered companies as we continue to grow our integrations with their products."

In basing VMob in Lower Manhattan, Bradley says the strategic decision allows the business to be within close proximity of a large number of major retailer head offices as well as their respective agencies.

"A Manhattan location is particularly important to us in attracting the right type of talent as well as having easy access to our clients and prospects," adds Bradley, who has engaged a recruitment company along with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to help recruit staff.

Expecting the office to be formally opening within the next few months, Bradley is currently recruiting for a VP of Sales, responsible for the day to day operations in the US and reporting back to head office in New Zealand.

"I'll be based here in New York for the first few months but once based back in Auckland," he adds. "I'll be splitting my time as much as possible between here and our other offices along with other key members of the leadership team."

But while the notion of a VP of Sales in America reporting back to company headquarters in New Zealand is rare, proud Kiwi Bradley has no intentions of following protocol.


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