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US Navy sysadmin charged with 'Team Digi7al' hacktivist attacks on military

John E Dunn | May 9, 2014
A sysadmin who worked in the nuclear reactor department of a US warship used his privileged access to hack Navy databases before boasting of the exploits on Twitter, US Government prosecutors have alleged.

Whatever Team Digi7al was it was not a major threat to US national security.

"The industry must acknowledges what is so painfully obvious - privileged account security is a critical layer of security that enables organisations to respond to malicious activity and mitigate potential damage, far more effectively than focusing on the perimeter alone," commented Udi Mokady, CEO of security firm Cyber Ark.

"As Symantec recently stated, the perimeter is dead - the threats are occurring on the inside of businesses. It only makes sense that this is where preventative security measures should start as well."


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