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UK spooks to hunt down pedophiles on the 'dark net'

Loek Essers | Dec. 12, 2014
The U.K. will set up a specialist unit that will use high-tech capabilities to hunt down pedophiles on the Tor anonymity network and other dark corners of the Web.

Hashing technology for videos has also been developed by Google, allowing known child abuse videos to be identified and blocked from being shared. The technology will be shared with industry partners and Yahoo will be the first one to pilot it.

Microsoft, Google and Mozilla have also committed to investigate the feasibility of implementing browser-level blocking restrictions designed to prevent people getting access to URLs of known child abuse material via Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The U.K. measures were announced during the #WeProtect Children Online summit, which took place in London. A series of global commitments from over 30 countries to track down pedophiles was unveiled there. Countries will invest in law enforcement operations, similar to the U.K's and supported by a £50 million (about US$78 million) fund to prevent children experiencing violence and exploitation. The fund will be supported by UNICEF, governments and partners from civil society and the private sector.


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