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UA Healthbox review: You don't have to be a serious athlete to start a fitness routine

Florence Ion | Jan. 28, 2016
That's the point of the Healthbox: It includes everything you need to reach your fitness goals for just US$400.

The readouts on the scale are now more dependable than when I brought it home five weeks ago and, as a result, I feel more confident stepping on it. Under Armour says that the scale needs to calibrate before it works properly, which is perhaps what happened with me. Either way, I feel a duty to warn those who might be sensitive about their numbers at first: you may experience a bit of an emotional seesaw as the Scale figures out what your weight actually is. Don’t be discouraged.

Should you buy it? 

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So. Is this big red box worth the $400? Credit: Florence Ion

Investing in the UA Health Box may seem like quite an expense if you’re just starting your journey to healthy living, and that’s because it is. For a common couch-dwelling citizen like me, the entire dance of measuring my weight, ensuring I leave the house with the Band on, and bringing the heart rate monitor with me to the gym is quite a bit to account for at first. But as you work it into your routine, it becomes more second-nature, and at least paying for the entire box is cheaper than buying each of the products individually—that would run you about $440, according to the numbers HTC provided us.

My only worry is that this entire health kit doesn’t seem quite refined. It’s like it was rushed out in an effort to get something—anything—on the market. If you are an early adopter, you’ll likely have to suffer through a few software updates and figuring out of kinks before it all works as advertised.  


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