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UA Healthbox review: You don't have to be a serious athlete to start a fitness routine

Florence Ion | Jan. 28, 2016
That's the point of the Healthbox: It includes everything you need to reach your fitness goals for just US$400.

I was interested in reviewing the UA Healthbox for two reasons: One, I needed the motivation of a looming deadline to get myself back into the yoga studio. And two, I was really curious to see what it’s like to use fitness products made by HTC.

So far, I’m impressed. The UA Healthbox is the result of a partnership between HTC and Under Armour. It’s a literal red box that you open up to find a fitness band, a Wi-Fi connected scale, and a strap-on heart rate monitor. All together, the box retails for $400.

The nice thing about buying all this stuff at once is that they all work together as part of a single fitness routine. And as a recovering couch potato, I found that taking this journey with a bunch of helpful technology in tow is exactly what I needed to get the motivation to get up and go.

UA Band and the UA Record app

uaband 0562 3 
The UA Band is the best part of the UA Health Box. Credit: Florence Ion

Like every other one of the dozens of fitness gadgets, the UA Band tracks it all: heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, and hours slept. You can read our full, comprehensive review on the UA Band here, which also includes a rundown on how the UA Record app works in conjunction with all three devices. 

I will offer one helpful tidbit: if you’re not interested in the Wi-Fi enabled scale or heart-rate tracking device, the UA Band is still worth considering if only because it’s really efficient at what it does—and it only costs $180 to buy it alone. 

UA Heart Rate monitor

I’ve never worn anything like the UA Heart Rate monitor before, so it took me a while to figure out how to make it comfortable. It didn’t help that the instruction manual only depicts the way it should fit on a man’s chest.

img 2887 
The UA Heart Rate monitor lights up when it’s ready to use. Credit: Florence Ion

ua heart rate strap 2
To get the heart rate monitor to work, these pads have to touch your skin at all times.

Regardless, the UA Heart Rate monitor was the easiest of all three gadgets to set up, compared to the Bluetooth waiting game I played with the Scale and the Band. The strap has two plastic tabs on the underside that require contact with your skin at all times to offer a proper readout. When you’re wearing the device during a workout, the device syncs your heart’s BPM rate with apps like MapMyRun and UA Record.


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