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Travelex solves Supercard registration headache on AWS cloud for under £1,000

Tamlin Magee | July 12, 2016
The Supercard is a Travelex cash card and accompanying app that works in ATMs around the world, to remove bank fees and charges when making transactions abroad.

In fact, it has cost Travelex less than £1,000 to operate since launch because the business only pays for what it uses.

"It's not a whole business, it's a solution to a problem," Wascha explains. "It's a point-in-time problem, we came up with the solution, we built it, it was inexpensive, we've used it, and at some point we won't need it anymore - and we'll turn it off and put it on the shelf."

The company's using AWS for more products down the line, but Wascha views it as an easy and inexpensive way to build out specific solutions for new business, and quickly.

"Having the luxury of a Greenfield approach, we have implemented a continuous delivery pipeline," Wascha says. "We have the ability to release at the component level, from committed code through to releasing into production. Depending on how big the service is we can do it from minutes to hours and we can do that whenever we want. So we've got that down to a pretty short timeframe."

What's next for Travelex and AWS? According to Wascha, there's plenty to keep the team occupied.

"We just launched Supercard and that's been going really well - and then in the coming months we're going to launch a product in the area of international money transfer," Wascha says. "We haven't spoken about it yet, but we're excited because that will be the second new product from Travelex emerging from this digital transformation."

"Beyond that, we're going to constantly experiment with new ways we can serve our customers for developing a customer platform on AWS that is going to allow us to connect our stores - we have 1,800 stores in 30 countries, we've got thousands of ATMs we own and run in airports.

"We've got all these new products coming out, we've got our online travel money business - a single platform that's going to allow customers to log in with a single account across our entire offering - and we're building our data science and analytics platform using AWS. So once we start to connect all that customer behaviour, we can start to learn from it."


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