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There's no such thing as Shadow IT

Ian Cox | July 13, 2016
Gone are the halcyon days as the CIO as a gatekeeper; CIOs must embrace their roles and expertise as technology brokers

Worryingly, a small number of CIOs are still in stages 1 and 2 of this process. They are either insisting that shadow IT does not exist in their organisation or they continue to use the tactics of the past to try to supress any IT activity outside of their function.

These IT leaders are fighting a losing battle and will gradually become isolated and irrelevant before disappearing altogether.

In my experience, the majority of IT functions are at stage 3 - they engage with shadow IT but their main objective is to exert control over what other teams are doing - whilst a small number are operating at stage 4.

IT leaders at stage 5 are the exception but this is where the rest of the organisation is at; other functions do not see what they are doing as shadow IT.

People outside of the IT department see their technology activity as essential to meeting customer needs, enabling innovation and driving growth. And this is how CIOs also need to see the role of other functions with regard to technology. It is time for IT leaders to embrace their role as the organisation's technology broker and to accept that there is now no such thing as shadow IT.

Source: CIO UK


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