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The security game changes when the bad guys are backed by foreign governments

John Dix | Aug. 14, 2012
Fidelis Security Systems has an interesting perspective on the world of security, working, as it does, with the U.S. government.

Going back to your statement that, if you're a likely target, you should operate under the presumption that you're already compromised, is that in fact what you find when you're first brought in?

Every one of our customers wants to do a proof-of-concept, and more often than not they have an "Oh my God" moment. But that isn't always a nation state stealing something. It might be information leaving the network inadvertently that's not causing a problem. But sometimes you'll find a smoking gun. I'll give you a real live example. We have an eval going right now with a biotech company and during the eval we saw the Chinese had compromised the network and were moving laterally across servers. But it doesn't always happen that way. Having said that, I do believe that the majority of Fortune 1000 commercial enterprises, if they're not already compromised now, they're going to be soon.

OK. Any closing thoughts?

Only that, having spent 10 years solving the problem in the federal government, I think we're in a unique position to really help commercial customers. We not only have the tool, but we have the smarts and know-how.



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