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The 15 weirdest computer mice in the world

Chris Martin | July 30, 2014
You can't get much more mundane that a computer mouse, right? Wrong - as these 15 weird and wonderful input devices prove.

Help, your hand stinks!

The LED Message Mouse not only contains an integrated fan to cool your sweaty palm during a Quake IV tournament, but it also displays a message on said rotating fan using LEDs. Sadly, it's a message that you'll never see...because you'll be covering it with your sweaty palm.

Who's the Boss?

All we've got to say in regards to this bizzare minature dog-behind-a-desk shaped mouse is who did this, and, for the love of humanity, why?

Button overload

Konami designed the Pop'n Music Be-Mouse to double as a game controller for playing - what else - Pop'n Music, a Japanese rhythm game. But failing that, you could always use its numerous buttons to trigger something far more exciting: Excel macros.

Check your pulse

The ASUSTek Vito W1 mouse keeps track of your heart rate and reports it to an application on your computer. If your pulse is too high, a yellow smiley face frowns at you. If your pulse is too low, you may be dead. But you didn't need an ASUSTek Vito W1 to tell you that.

Real computer bugs

If there were any insect rights groups they would be up in antennae over these new mice that contain real animals imprisoned in clear acrylic resin. Pictured here are the beetle and spider models; also available are mice containing real starfish, scorpions, and crabs. It's a great idea if you don't mind resting your palm on a dead bug.


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