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The 15 weirdest computer mice in the world

Chris Martin | July 30, 2014
You can't get much more mundane that a computer mouse, right? Wrong - as these 15 weird and wonderful input devices prove.

You can't get much more mundane that a computer mouse, right? Wrong - as these 15 weird and wonderful input devices prove beyond doubt.

There's a whole host of companies out there that have tried to 'improve' the current mouse design. From novelty shaped mice to devices that allow you to multi-task, we've picked out the 15 weirdest we can find.

The mouse phone

Of all ill-conceived tech products, the Sony Mouse Talk is certainly one of the more memorable. It was launched back in the glory days of VoIP (that's Skype to you and me) when USB-connected "internet" phones were all the rage.

Instead of using your desktop speakers and a microphone connected to your PC's sound card, you could pretend you were on a real phone. For some reason Sony decided to put it inside a mouse.

The scanner mouse

This entry is potentially handy but that doesn't stop it being weird. According to LG, there are 'countless moments in everyday life where you wish you had a scanner to hand' so created the LSM-100 scanner mouse.

Instead of buying a dedicated scanner the LG scanner mouse needs only be dragged across the document you want to capture. The mouse is abnormally large due to the huge reader placed on the bottom and can scan up to A3 size - as long as you don't move it faster than 0.3 ms.

A better way to write

The Hanwang T Mouse is perfect for ensuring you don't have to work too hard. If I use a keyboard, there's a very real danger I could finish a story in a day, thus conditioning my boss to expect me to produce something every day to follow.

Sounds exhausting! But if I write my stories by painstakingly drawing the characters with a stylus on the matchbook-size, touch-sensitive pad on my mouse, one story could easily take weeks. That'll cure my boss of any unreasonable expectations.

The peep hole

The iris scan authentication system has become a staple of modern movies, from The Incredibles to Angels and Demons. But in your average spy thriller, an iris scan always looks cool and cutting-edge. Not so much with the Qritek IRIBIO mouse.

Instead of looking like Tom Cruise completing an Impossible Mission, our mouse model above looks more like Joe Perv ogling tiny images of French underwear models. That's too high a price to pay for security.

Disembodied torso mouse

Number one our list of Mice That Will Get You Fired comes from Swiss trinketeer Pat Says Now, maker of a wide array of novelty computer mice. (Some of these mouse-torsos come clothed in tiny, tight-fitting sweaters emblazoned with the logos of various football teams, but as the product description; reads, "Your mouse needs to take off her shirt for working properly.")


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