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Technobabylon review: Do androids dream of point-and-click adventure games?

Hayden Dingman | June 11, 2015
It's 2087. You get off work--if you're lucky enough to be employed--and melt back into the dark, dingy city you call home. If you're younger, maybe you head to your one-room apartment and slip into Trance--a virtual reality world where anything is possible. If you're older (and a Luddite), maybe you retreat to a rooftop garden--one miserable, genetically engineered speck of green amidst grey urban sprawl.

Bottom line

Technobabylon's no Blade Runner or Neuromancer, but at the very least it proves some of the most talented storytellers and world builders in the gaming sphere are still working in point-and-clicks. With enough skill, you can wring something decently fresh from both an overused setting (cyberpunk) and genre (point-and-click adventure).

It's not easy, and even Technobabylon stumbles along the way, but there are interesting ideas at play here. I'll take that over another beautiful-but-empty experience any day.


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