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Tech toys train tots for a troubling tomorrow

Mike Elgan | Feb. 24, 2015
Toys always reflect the larger culture -- its biases, fears and, most of all, its technology. New York's Toy Fair 2015 happened this week, and the latest round of new tech toys is bringing some of the most disturbing tech trends to children.

I'm simply pointing out the fact that these toys provide a peek at the world that lies ahead, the world that today's toddlers will grow up in.

If this freaks you out, it's worth noting that our own world would have freaked out our ancestors, if they could somehow have known about our online surfing habits, our obsession with social media, the centrality of smartphones in our lives and the depth and pervasiveness of surveillance and privacy violations.

Likewise, we're likely to be uneasy about a world where toys spy on children, provide them with alternative realities and babysit them with all-knowing A.I. supercomputers.


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