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Tata’s Buffalo office, Clinton’s ‘brainchild,’ since closed

Patrick Thibodeau | July 11, 2016
Clinton’s efforts to get Tata to locate in Buffalo in 2003 offer insights into her views on offshore outsourcing

TCS "did open a small office in Buffalo in 2003, but local market conditions did not perform as well as we hoped, so we subsequently relocated the business elsewhere," said Benjamin Trounson, a spokesman for the firm, in an email Wednesday.

"While we don't have a physical presence in Buffalo any more, TCS frequently hires from across New York state and around the country to support its 20-plus facilities and client needs," said Trounson.

Clinton's belief that outsourcing "works both ways" is hard to prove. Many of the firms that shifted jobs overseas do not provide any data about their U.S. employment hires. IBM, for instance, no longer provides a headcount for its U.S. workforce, nor does Tata.

TCS's Trounson said that "TCS does not break employees down by regions, roles or backgrounds. But, as an example, we have been the top job creator for U.S. citizens in the IT services sector over the past three years and will continue to hire much more local talent in the future, as a consistent net recruiter and key contributor to the U.S. innovation economy."

But without specific data from TCS it's difficult to know to what extent it hires U.S. workers and whether its reliance on temporary visa workers is increasing or decreasing.


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