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Symantec offers backup tips for Singapore SMBs

Jack Loo | Aug. 30, 2012
The tech company also offers a checklist for SMBs when selecting backup providers.

Symantec rolled out its backup and recovery systems NetBackup7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 that it says will drive out 80 percent of operating costs in backup over the next five years.

It also unveiled Symantec Backup, a public cloud backup service that automatically streams data to offsite data centres. The platform offers subscription-based pricing and does not require hardware purchases.

In the same time, the tech company's Singapore country director Tan Yuh Woei shared with Computerworld Singapore recommendations on how local SMBs can be on top when they back up their systems.

1) What would be your recommendations to Singapore's SMBs?

SMBs are starting to reap the benefits of strategic IT trends such as virtualisation, cloud computing and mobility that are both exciting and challenging for companies. In order to help SMBs further embrace advances in technology and increase confidence in backing up business critical data, Symantec has the following recommendations:

  • Unite Virtual and Physical Backups: Using a single solution for both environments will drive down your operating cost, reduce your storage and accelerate your recoveries.
  • Consolidate backup and recovery tools in a single appliance: Integrating backup, dedupe, and storage in a single solution will drive down operating cost and capital expense while simplifying day-to-day operations in the data centre and remote offices.
  • Fight infinite retention: Backups are for recovery, not long-term data retention. Take advantage of new technology that helps to identify what backup information is important for legal or compliance purposes and what can be deleted.
  • Stop Putting Tapes on Trucks: Combine deduplication with disaster recovery (DR) to transmit data over the network from the production site to the DR site instead of loading tapes onto trucks.

2) Usually SMEs tend to be less technically proficient on systems, they tend to outsource backup and storage functions. What advice would you give SMEs so that they can be on top of their investments (and their providers)? 

SMBs lack the technical know-how owing to the limited staff, time, and financial resources dedicated to data protection, and we are seeing more and more of them looking for solutions in the cloud, where the tantalising promise of easy, hosted backup services can indeed be an ideal option.

The key is identifying a vendor that takes data backups seriously, understands there's no reason for failure and can demonstrate a serious track record of delivering a strong, reliable infrastructure. Symantec provides the following best practices that SMBs should consider when selecting an online backup provider that best meet their needs:

  • Consider choosing a company that offers more than just online backup. This is to have multiple IT needs met from a single vendor that can provide an integrated approach to information management and security with a full range of products and services.
  • Consider the benefits of a vendor that can act as a strategic advisor. Seek a stable company with positive revenue, a robust infrastructure, and a strong, delivered roadmap.
  • Ask plenty of questions to make sure the vendor has a history of reliable support and an intelligible price tag that reflects the expense of a quality service. The questions should find out how difficult or easy it will be to move customer data and determine if the vendor has a history of service outages. SMBs should ask their vendors questions like:
  1. What will happen to my data if you (the online backup vendor) are acquired or forced to close its doors?
  2. What is your (the vendor's) security infrastructure-what precautions do you take when data is being transmitted and at rest in data centres?
  3. How are your data centres secured?


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