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Steve Wozniak sends uplifting message to Korean student

Mark Hattersley | March 7, 2013
Apple co-founder writes a long message offering life, personal and business advice to student.

However, Woz also outlines how being young and not knowing the rules enabled him to break them (another thing that Steve Jobs often talked about): "'The best things I did in my young years leading up to the early Apple computers were done because I had little money and had to think deeply to achieve the impossible. Also, I had never done those technologies or studied them. I had to write the book myself."

And Yang got his autograph.

Steve Wozniak

The letters (transcribed by Yeonhoyoon) are below:


Mr. Wozniak! I'm a high school student in Korea. I am in second year of Se-Hwa high school in Jeju. My name is Yeon-su Yang.

I worked as a volunteer for Jeju forum in Mar. 31. I saw you from far away back then. I am a reporter for my school's English newspaper, and also a Jeju student diplomat for Chinese department. My English isn't very fluent since my major is Chinese. Please understand if some of my writing isn't clear. I've helped preparing and guiding guests for your special session at Jeju forum.

However, I couldn't receive your autograph. After your special session was over, I gave you my card through your attendant. Did you receive it? Although I couldn't receive your autograph, I could listen to your talk.

At the talk, you gave some advice for teens. I was impressed by those advices. Since Mar. 31. 2012, you've became my role model. I'd like to share your excellent stories with the friends at my school.

My school is located in a rural area in Jeju, Korea. So we don't get a lot of opportunities to communicate with successful people. If you could send some hopeful messages for the students in my school, I would share it with my friends by publishing it in the school's English newspaper. I hope you'd accept my request.

I wish for your happiness. Have a good day!


Sent: 2012-07-01 Sun 08:43:10

Subject: Re: Hello. Steven Wozniak! I'm one of the korean high school students:-

First, I would be happy to send you a signed card of mine. Just send me a request for it and include your mailing address.

As for the students on Jeju island...

I look back to my own days as a student. It was a fun time where everything was provided for my entertainment in life. Our socialization was with friends at school, not via mobile tech devices as it is today. The best I can remember is that, like myself, most students found by accidental encounters what they enjoyed and wanted to do in life.


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