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Steve Wozniak sends uplifting message to Korean student

Mark Hattersley | March 7, 2013
Apple co-founder writes a long message offering life, personal and business advice to student.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has written a long letter to a high-school student in South Korea talking about his life and success at Apple. The letter offers further insight to half of the duo that created Apple, and its products (the other half being, of course, Steve Jobs).

Yeon-su Yang wrote to Steve Wozniak after a talk he gave on 31 March 2012 (we can't find a reference to the specific talk, but Woz often tours the world as part of his Woz Live events). Woz is often keen to get his version of events across, and recently complained that the first clip from the Steve Jobs biopic was 'totally wrong'.

The original letter is in Korean but a Tumblr blog called Yeonhoyoon has translated it in to English. Yang asks for Steve Wozniak's autograph and writes: " If you could send some hopeful messages for the students in my school, I would share it with my friends by publishing it in the school's English newspaper. I hope you'd accept my request."

Steve Wozniak has delivered on Yang's request with an in-depth letter outlining his approach to life, business and person success.

Woz begins by outlining the luck he had when young and how this : "The best I can remember is that, like myself, most students found by accidental encounters what they enjoyed and wanted to do in life... I came to the conclusion that I would rather be an average person joking all the time than a powerful businessman stressing over work every day."

Then Woz moves on to his personal values about life, he states: "I also decided for myself that I'd want to be 'in the middle' in almost every way. I looked hard and the extreme ends of politics and values and wealth were not desirable and led to corrupt behaviors for many. Early on I decided that I would never want to tell one story in different ways."

Steve Wozniak also goes into great depth about personal self-belief, knowing internally that you are right no matter what others say. This is something that Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, also talked about. Woz says: "I also decided that I did not have to convince others of my views for those views to be good. They only needed to be good to me." Wozniak does not let his former ties to Apple hold his tongue, and recently said that Apple iPhone is behind in the smartphone market, Samsung has caught up.

One are that Steve Wozniak did differ from Steve Jobs, was in his approach to employees: "my dad had told me that how far you go in a company usually is determined by how well liked you are." says Woz, "So I'm always very nice to everyone. This is in marked contrast to Steve Jobs who was famously prickly with Apple employees, to the extent that being fired (often famously in the lift) was referred to as being "Steved."


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