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Steve Wozniak on Apple, gadgets past and a world without human friends

Ashleigh Allsopp | May 31, 2013
Apple's co-founder has been reminiscing about the technology that shaped his life in a new interview

Smartphone preferences
When discussing smartphones, Woz says that the iPhone is "the best I've had by far." He said he hates it when a smartphone has lousy sound quality, poor battery life or poor multi-tasking, but loves features such as slimness, single-handed usability, hands-free links to cars and NFC features.

Gadgets of the future
Woz's perfect device would have the "best features of all the best gadgets plus a voice recognition system that really understands me and what I want, no matter how I say it."

"It returns answers, rather than links to sites that may not even have the answer I want," Woz continued. "It would 'see' me with video and gauge other things about what I'm saying or doing. It would know me as well as any best friend and always know to say it to me. I would want to give up on human friends." Oh. We know where we're not wanted

Grey cloud
During the interview, Woz once again voiced his dislike for the cloud. "You don't own anything out there," he said. "You aren't assured that what works today will even be there tomorrow. Things that used to be built into my iPhone now fail because the cloud is 'down.'"

As a final note, Woz says that the last time he went without internet was during a three-week cruise in the South Pacific in the 90s. "I had other priorities and survived," he said. "It was a very pleasant time."

Woz isn't the only Apple bod who's been speaking this week. Apple's CEO Tim Cook was interviewed during the D11 conference on Tuesday, and had lots to say about Apple and the company's future. Check out the stories below for more on what Cook has been talking about this week.


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