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Steve Wozniak on Apple, gadgets past and a world without human friends

Ashleigh Allsopp | May 31, 2013
Apple's co-founder has been reminiscing about the technology that shaped his life in a new interview

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been busy talking again, this time discussing his love of his MacBook Pro and Apple, reminiscing about gadgets from his past and imagining the future of technology, in which he hopes to do away with human friends.

Present gadgets
In an interview with Engadget, Woz said that he depends on his 17in MacBook Pro the most out of all of his gadgets, because, while he does use other devices "my life has many aspects that don't translate well to an iPad or iPhone as my primary gadget."

Technologies past
Reminiscing about technologies past, Woz points to his first transistor radio as the "heart of my gadget love today."

"It fit in my hand and brought me a world of music 24/7," he said of the radio, going on to mention several radios that he built from the age of 10, right through to college. Building these radios helped Woz learn "a lot of radio theory and about electronics and construction of electronic devices that would stick for life."

The Apple I and Apple ][ were among his favourite 'gadgets' too, he said. "The Apple ][c was my favorite Apple ][. I actually liked the Portable Macintosh. Possibly my favorite Macintosh ever was the Duo, although I very much like the current MacBook Pros."

Engadgets interview soon makes it clear that, in fact, Woz can't decide on his favourite gadget. He also mentions every iPod ever made, every iPhone and every iPad, plus cameras ("I had too many important camera in my life to detail them here," he says), pocket TVs, CD players, Motorola and Nokia phones, scanners and even the Segway.

"The Segway is a great gadget that I haven't had to move on from, in all the time since it first came out," said Woz, adding that he "could add many to this list."

"For each of these, and many more, I have many specific memories of carrying them around and showing them off and using them in ways that meant a lot to me I'm sure that I've missed overs."

Apple's influence
When asked which company he believes does the most to push the technology industry, Woz replied: "You have to be kidding. Apple leads the way."

"A bunch of companies could be like an ocean of products with waves and ripples," Woz continued. "But Apple is an Everest. The day Apple introduces a new product you know it's not the same as before and you know it's the future for everyone."

Woz names OS X as his operating system of choice too. "We had something similar in the LISA but at the wrong point in time, cost-wise," he said. "I never got comfortable when I had to use Windows. As for mobile devices, I prefer iOS. It's limited in some ways but that can be an advantage for many of us."


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