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Step up your Fitbit game with new multi-tracker support

James A. Martin | April 8, 2015
Last Friday, I woke up with a Fitbit Surge rash.

I don't fault Fitbit; I ask a small device to do a lot of battery-intensive things. However, I take strong exception to Fitbit's claim at the top of the Surge landing page that the sports watch has "long battery life" of "up to 7 days." Only when you drill down into the specifications at the bottom of the page do you see this: "We recommend charging your Surge every few days to ensure you are always tracking." Why would Fitbit make that recommendation if Surge truly held a charge for "up to 7 days?" At best, the "long battery life" claim is misleading and opaque.

Back to my Surge rash. Fitbit acknowledged in February that some Surge owners were reporting rashes. The company suggested users keep the sports watch clean and dry, and "give your wrist a rest," according to TechCrunch. Fitbit also said "the reactions we are seeing with new products are not uncommon with jewelry or wearable devices that stay in contact with the skin for extended periods."

Bottom line: Fitbit gave me both a problem — a rash — and a possible solution — multi-tracker support. For me, it's pretty much a wash, but for those with more sensitive skin, the potential for rashes could be a deal killer.


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