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Staff Picks: Our favorite ways to use the Apple Watch

Macworld Staff | May 19, 2015
At 50 minutes past the hour, you'll see Macworld staffers' heads pop up--our Apple Watches are buzzing our wrists again, prompting us to stand, and our coworkers at PCWorld and Greenbot roll their eyes a little as we stretch and pace for one minute exactly to earn another hour in our Stand rings. But that's not the only way the Apple Watch is making its mark on us all. Apple's smartwatch isn't a must-have for everyone, but the more time we spend with it, the more killer use cases each of us finds. Here's how it's making a difference in our lives so far.

It's the little things

I've been waiting for magic moments, which I experienced immediately with the iPhone and iPad: a sense that this device did something both unexpected and transcendent that I hadn't seen or felt before. The Watch is not transcendent, although some people keep telling me to approach it like a vision quest. However, I am starting to get the tickle of these moments.

When a text comes in from my wife, and I naturally — without thinking about it! — lift my arm, see her name, and pause, feeling like I'm using ESP to reveal the message, which appears a moment later. When a timer goes off, and I think, oh, having that on my wrist is useful. When I pick and change podcasts from the Overcast Watch app, or use the Remote app to pause my Apple TV. The magic is growing on me; it just didn't explode outward in a cloud. — Glenn Fleishman


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