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Spotify's songs about Microsoft (yes, Microsoft!) are awesome and must be listened to ASAP

Mark Hachman | Nov. 30, 2015
A pop song about Skype. A punk song about PowerPoint. A funky rap about Microsoft Bob. And so many more. Nothing gets the party started like a Microsoft jam.

Microsoft Zune Commercial (AKA the STD of MP3s)—JA! 

As we continue our way through the Microsoft countdown, let’s take a quick trip over the Atlantic to Germany, home of the The Great German Existential Minimalist Band. JA! may have dubbed this a commercial, but it’s not—it’s mostly a slam against Microsoft’s doomed Zune MP3 player. But the joke’s on you, JA! When the Zune was around, artists were actually making money off their music.

Microsoft Outlook—PowerPoint 

You know how you feel when Outlook asks you to change your password, again, to comply with your company’s IT policy? Or your spam filter catches something that you needed to know? Or the people in sales all send out congratulations to Stacey Vickers (sorry, Stacey) for her promotion to assistant accounts manager? Yeah, just put this speed metal rant on repeat for a couple hundred times.

Microsoft—Scram C Baby 

Scram C Baby’s rough-edged rock ends too soon, just after the song starts kicking into gear. What else got handed over to Microsoft? What can be said about that? This track has potential, but it’s over almost before it starts. With enough plays, maybe we can convince them to pen a sequel.

Cheef and Cortana—J.T. Machinima

We close our musical tour of Microsoft by stopping by the living room, and the Xbox game console. J.T. Machinima’s slightly cringey love song talks about growing up as a gamer, and what life is like when the hottest girl you know is the one guiding you from checkpoint to checkpoint. 

So what do you think?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your musical journey through Microsoft, and that you agree that Microsoft-themed music is better than you’d expect. Disagree? You’re free to suggest your own in comments below. And you never know: Maybe we’ll add more in the meantime. Just keep your fingers crossed, and keep refreshing the page.


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