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Sony drops the mic: PS4 to cost $400, no used game restrictions

Nate Ralph | June 12, 2013
Sony gives gamers exactly what they want in the PlayStation 4: offline play, used games, and a cheaper console.

But wait, there's more!
With the PS4, the PlayStation Network will get revamped to support cross-game chat, allow you to share replays of your gaming highlights, and let you play games as they're being downloaded. The PlayStation Plus program—$60 a year and one of the best deals in gaming—will carry over to the PlayStation 4, and the free games will continue to pour in on Sony's next-generation console.

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You'll have to pay for your multiplayer experiences on the PlayStation 4, but that's a development that's been a long time coming (and is par for the course for Xbox Live). And then there are simple things, like being able to share your games, buy and sell used games, and simply play your games without an Internet connection.

The 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo has barely begun, and calling a winner might feel premature. But Sony has twisted the proverbial knife into the gaping wound that was Microsoft's bungled Xbox One launch by addressing our privacy and connectivity concerns and shaving $100 off of the price of entry. The next-generation console wars have only just begun, but Sony has made a strong case for betting on PlayStation this round.


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