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Skylock prevents theft while letting you share your bike

Susie Ochs | May 16, 2014
Skylock's app lets you see where your bike is, control who has access, and unlock it when you're within Bluetooth range.

Backup if your phone crashes... or you do
Speaking of keys, if you lose your smartphone or its battery is dead, you'll still be able to unlock Skylock. It's got a small, unassuming touchpad on one end, where the key would go on a traditional lock. This lets you program a backup passcode.

The Skylock even checks on you if its accelerometer detects your bike has crashed. It'll first send a push notification to your phone asking if you're OK. If you don't respond, it can notify your preferred contacts that you might need help, or even call for emergency responders.

I knew some guys in college who would justify their propensity to slack by claiming they were all sharing a single pen, and if one guy had the pen, the other guys couldn't go to class. That was stupid. But using a Skylock to share a bike with your roommates--and knowing you've got that extra protection from theft--will make you feel like the smartest person to ever strap on a brain bucket and put rubber to the road.

Skylock starts its crowdfunding campaign Thursday with the intention to ship the first units by Christmas 2014. They'll retail for $249 with a preorder price of $159. That's pricey compared to some traditional U-locks but we think the security and sharing features will win it a lot of fans.


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