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Singaporeans feel retailers don't value their feedback: Qualtrics

Nayela Deeba | May 5, 2017
Responding to queries and addressing complaints immediately can help improve customer loyalty, according to Qualtrics' survey.


Singaporeans feel retailers are neglecting their feedback, according to a survey by software company, Qualtrics.

The 1,400 shoppers polled believe that 40 percent of the time, feedback given to brick-and-mortar retailers via social media or directly to a staff member is either ignored or never reaches the relevant department. Online shoppers believe the same holds true 39 percent of the time.

Despite this, shoppers still expect retailers to respond to their complaints and queries immediately. At least 31 percent expect a response on the day itself if they complain to offline retailers on social media. For online retailers, 36 percent of shoppers expect a response within the day.

"Companies are witnessing what we call an 'experience gap', which refers to the gap between the experience that companies believe they are delivering and the experience their customers are actually receiving," said Bill McMurry, Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics.

According to the survey, 61 percent of the respondents depend on social media, friends and family referrals to develop a positive image of brick-and-mortar retailers. The same factors affect 68 percent of shoppers when it comes forming to their perception of online retailers.

It was also revealed that 28 percent of shoppers will not revisit an offline retailer if they experience a major service failure. Almost the same percentage of shoppers will do the same when it comes to an online retailer.

However, half of the shoppers admitted they will visit the store again if the retailer responds to queries and addresses complaints immediately. Fifty-one percent expressed the same sentiment for e-commerce sites.

"To address the challenge experience gap shown in the survey results above, the retail industry must improve the level of customer experience they provide. When they are able to do this, they will satisfy and retain their customers, generate increased revenues and grow faster than their competitors," explained McMurray.


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