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Singapore residents have access now to smartphone clinic applications

FY Teng | April 7, 2014
The apps by Borderless Healthcare Group will enable doctors to deliver healthcare across a mobile platform.

The Borderless Healthcare Group Inc. (BHG) unveiled today (Monday, April 7, 2014)-also World Health Day 2014-its mobile application (app) platform called 'Borderless Clinic', across which the Smart Ageing, Heartsmart and Health Abacus apps will be delivered to enable patients to seek and receive answers to their basic medical queries, and doctors to respond and deliver sufficient and timely healthcare advise, information and support.

Smart Ageing and Heartsmart are downloadable immediately from Apple's App Store and Google Play, and Health Abacus will be downloadable sometime before April 15 from the same apps stores. Also, they will initially only be available in English; other language versions will come out later.

The platform which the apps run on, Borderless Clinic, is certified HIPAA-compliant and are, according to BHG executives, "seamlessly integrated to medical devices and telemedicine platform approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the US (FDA)."

Developed at the cost of US$10 million by BHG subsidiary, BH Mobile Pte Ltd, the system gives subscribers of the apps access to "the HIPAA-compliant mobile clinic and get seamless opnions and advice from global specialist doctors via phone/audio/video communication," they said. "They can also use easy-to-understand, interoperable or data-sharing FDA-approved devices, which can help them monitor basic indicators such as blood pressure and blood glucose levels, as well as use wearables and other accessories that are seamlessly integrated with the smart apps."

Medical professionals also stand to gain from the use of the new system and apps, which may serve "as great tools for [them] to improve their operational efficiencies to deliver patient services and help enhance patients' drug and therapy adherence," said the BHG executives. "[And] doctors can easily develop their own customised apps using the Borderless Clinic app platform, to best suit specific needs." As for the apps already announced, they would be "particularly useful in the management of chronic diseases, post-surgery management, geriatric care and paediatrics, where caregivers and persons needing care may require regular, standby medical attention."

Speaking upon the announcement of the Borderless Clinic platform and the three apps, BHG founder, the Singaporean doctor Dr Wei Siang Yu, said: "Launching these apps now is timely as Singapore has a fast-ageing population. It is vital that Singapore taps new technologies to provide sustainable healthcare solutions. These apps are affordable, user-friendly and readily accessible via mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets. With the apps, which are delivered on a secure platform, you can check your medical queries anywhere with the doctor of your choice."

Dr Wei also said that he expects more medical apps to be launched later this year, and BHG executives have referred us to a growing trend of doctors around the world launching mobile clinics. "This phenomenon will soon create multiple thematic healthcare knowledge clouds in a world where consumers can download mobile clinic apps from different globally renowned doctors. The first of such knowledge cloud (beta site) for caregivers is already established at," they said. "[And] with the proliferation of smartphone healthcare apps, more doctors are expected to migrate to secure communication platforms such as Borderless Clinic, as security of information becomes paramount."


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