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Singapore-based Vastspace halves tech support hours with Odin’s Plesk 12

Zafirah Salim | Oct. 2, 2015
Support for multiple PHP versions and out-of-the-box security features enable Vastspace to deliver technical support quickly and cost-effectively.

As Singapore-based business and corporate web hosting provider, Vastspace, ramped up its business, its priority was to meet their customers' requirements for smooth web migration and enhanced security while reducing the time and manpower resources needed to achieve this.

Thanks to the PHP Select capability that allows multiple PHP 5.x versions to be installed without additional third-party repositories, Plesk 12 customers can migrate easily to a new hosting environment regardless of the PHP version that their applications were built on. Plesk 12 also includes a strong security core that combines ModSecurity and Fail2Ban with Outbound Antispam and CloudFlare's ServerShield tools, delivering server-to-site security directly out of the box.

By delivering key capabilities such as PHP integration, enhanced security, and the WordPress toolkit, Plesk enables Vastspace to reduce operational costs and stay competitive. Now empowered with the ability to provide customer support quickly and cost-effectively, Plesk enabled the company to reduce operational costs and stay competitive, saving 50 percent in tech support hours.

Plesk 12 also allows web hosters like Vastspace and its resellers to support older websites built on earlier versions of PHP without the need for manual set-up and configuration. Without built-in support for multiple PHP versions, Vastspace would have needed to download and compile the required PHP source code on the server and use a command line to register the compiled PHP with the control panel - a process that could take even an experienced engineer up to two hours to complete.

"Plesk 12 delivers a strong advantage over many other control panels which are designed mainly for provisioning websites and managing email accounts, but have a limited ability to configure important web services such as PHP settings and security," said Martin Chan, CTO of Vastspace. "Web security on our virtual private server, cloud server, and dedicated server have improved significantly, and requests regarding security issues have been reduced by as much as 60%."


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