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Shadow Warrior Review: Slicing and dicing to victory

Hayden Dingman | Sept. 30, 2013
When Flying Wild Hog announced it was rebooting Shadow Warrior, the 90s shooter from 3D Realms, the predominant question was, "why?"

There are also gamepad-specific controls, but trust me—you want to play this game with a mouse and keyboard. While not as fast-paced or chaotic as, say, the Rise of the Triad remake, this is still a '90s shooter at heart. This is still a PC game.

Bottom line
Shadow Warrior is smart-stupid. You might say it has the touch; you might even say it has the power. It's the type of dumb action fun that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of, and I really enjoyed it despite acknowledging that parts of it are still incredibly problematic.

As far as the game itself, the middle third of the story drags a lot. The game abandons the cliché koi ponds and cherry blossoms setting for an even-more cliché string of industrial warehouses, and it's all pretty rote. Still, the combat keeps things interesting and some of the later boss fights are visually spectacular. Like, seriously, some of the most awe-inspiring setpieces of the year.

I haven't even talked about the incredible secret areas (many of which use textures from the original Shadow Warrior) or the surprisingly decent story. It's just an all-around fun game.

And a round of applause, please, for that katana.


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