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Shadow Warrior 2 hands-on: Lo Wang gets even more wild with fast, furious 4-way action

Hayden Dingman | June 17, 2016
More Wang, more weapons, more d*ck jokes, more fun.

Shadow Warrior 2 also simplifies its control scheme quite a bit. This time around, powers and special moves are triggered by a single button press, not a crazy combo of buttons like the first game. It makes combat feel a lot quicker and more chaotic.

And that’s really the key to Shadow Warrior 2. I mean, aside from the Wang jokes. There’s just this fantastic feeling of speed, of power. You’re not invincible, but you’re definitely the biggest threat in any room. You can get in up close and hack demons with your sword, or take potshots from the nosebleeds. You can scale walls and stealth past groups of enemies or take them head-on.

Like Doom, it’s just straight-up fun. When’s the last time you laughed during a modern military shooter? I mean legitimately laughed, not laughed from snark? Shadow Warrior 2 knows what it is and revels in it: A solid throwback shooter with a great gimmick and a knack for so-bad-they’re-good puns.

There are some important unknowns still to come—levels (or parts of levels) are procedurally generated, and I haven’t seen any of that yet, nor do I know how that’ll mesh with the game’s breakneck pace. But right now? This is one of my most anticipated games for the rest of 2016.


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