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Seeking the Fourth Circuit Element

F.Y. Teng | May 25, 2010
A conversation with the czar of R&D at HP Labs about taking memristors from paper to production to mobile computers to enterprise infrastructures.

This is a major area of work in my lab and theres a lot of work going on. Were very confident that well have something in working computers in a few years. In our labs we have that already so were also going into a development phase in photonic interconnect.

And then the final thing that were working on is sensors. We have a project that we started off as a research project a couple of years ago called The Central Nervous System for the Earth. That sounds rather ambitious but in fact thats already turned into a business. HP now has a sensing business and we announced a few weeks ago a partnership with Shell Oil Company to build effectively the worlds most sensitive geo-imaging system to essentially create ultrasound images of the inside of the earth for use in determining the location, with greater precision and certainty, of oil underground. Thats a project in my lab and it is in manufacturing right now. Were taking that out to the field as we speak.

Those are our three major projects. We do everything from very, very fundamental long-term 10-year horizon research to advanced development.


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