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Screen set-top box and apps enforce the 'screen time' rules you set for your kids

Mark Hachman | Feb. 3, 2016
This device and its software promise to nip a new generation of couch potatoes in the bud.

“If Screen sends me a notification, it’s my job as their mom to have that conversation,” Orad said. “I want to help you, I want to spend time with you, I don’t want to fight with you.”

The Screen set-top box provides the same sort of monitoring and control to devices plugged into the television, such as a Roku, PlayStation, or some other device. Essentially, it works like your cable box—a device is plugged into the Stream via an HDMI connection, and from there to the television. 

Orad said she uses Screen to limit her own work time, too. “If I want to teach something, I have to set an example,” she said. “It’s like when the teacher tells you that you have to eat healthily, organic. And then you eat McDonalds every night.”


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