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Samsung has shipped 500,000 replacement Note 7 units to the U.S.

Derek Walter | Sept. 22, 2016
The four major carriers are urging customers to exchange their device while also prepping to resume sales.

note7 battery

Samsung has announced it has just finished a shipment of 500,000 units of the Galaxy Note7 to carrier and retail outlets.

The devices are to be available on Wednesday, September 21, meaning you can finally get a non-exploding model in exchange for the one you own. Those who were issued a temporary device by their carrier should also be eligible to swap it for a Note7.

Those who have been forced to wait to buy a new Note7 also may be in luck. The Note7 is available on the online store for Verizon and Sprint right now. Other carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T still redirecting Note7 information on their site to a dedicated page with recall details, but they may very well resume sales soon.  If you were thinking of buying a Note7 but got stuck waiting because of the battery fiasco, your best bet is to contact your carrier.

A new Note7 will receive a software update that displays a green battery indicator to differentiate it from a recalled model, according to Samsung. Additionally, Samsung is sending out an update for those defective Note7 phones that haven’t been returned. It will pester you with a pop-up notice every time you restart the device until you bring it back.

note7 safety recall notice Samsung

Current Note7 owners will soon be nagged to turn in their defective device for a new one.

Samsung also says only 25 percent of affected Note7 units have been returned, so some of the new safe units can be sold to new customers. The company says it’s continuing to reach out via social media, direct contact, and other means to get the word out. If you’ve been rolling the dice because you didn’t want to part with your Note7, now should be the time to return it and get a new one that won’t catch fire.

Why this matters: After some initial questions, Samsung acted pretty in getting replacement phones here. It’ll be telling if demand for new models drops due to the scandal, especially with considerable competition from several new flagship phones. Those who have been on the fence may also want to see what Google offers with its new Pixel phones to be announced Oct. 4.


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