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Quantum Break (PC) hands-on preview: Half video game, half TV show, all weird

Hayden Dingman | March 2, 2016
For when you can't decide between Netflix and Steam.

It’s a troubling decision and flies in the face of Microsoft’s recent “We care about the PC” rhetoric. Microsoft is, of course, allowed to do whatever it wants with its games, but when titles sold through the storefront can’t even support (due to the limitations of the Universal Windows Platform format) simple features like frame rate counters, disabling V-sync, true fullscreen, or multiple graphics cards, then the specter of the Games For Windows Live nonsense rises again. Microsoft can wage some silly war with Valve if it wants, but it’s players and developers who are being hurt by this.

Microsoft gaming head Phil Spencer says the company's working to fix the most egregious flaws of Windows Store games. We'll see how long it takes for those issues to be settled.

Bottom line

I trust Remedy. I say that about very few developers, but their track record is flawless. Max Payne, Alan Wake—classics. And not just classics. They’re games that took strange risks for the purposes of story. Maybe not as strange as “including a season of a TV show amidst the game portions” but still pretty crazy.

Point being: Quantum Break is weird, but I want that. Hell, I expect it. And I guess I’ll be upgrading to Windows 10 before April. Congrats, Microsoft. You strong-armed me.


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