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Phaz P2 headphones review: These phone-charging headphones need work

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | July 29, 2015
You might recall Phaz's multi-tasking Model P2 headphones from CES 2015. Well, those sleek carbon-fiber babies--which feature a built-in battery pack for recharging your phone on the go--are finally ready for real-world testing.

Hauling around multiple cables is sure to get annoying (although Phaz does supply a cool-looking silicone cable case), especially if you need to carry the audio cable, micro USB cable (for charging the headphones), and a lightning cable. Plus, plugging your phone in and listening to audio at the same time gets awkward pretty quickly if you have a phone where the headphone jack and charging port aren't near each other.

Should you be wearing them?

Phaz's new headphones are a good effort, but they're not quite there yet. $250 is pretty expensive when you're mostly paying for a convenient external battery pack for your phone, and you can definitely find better-quality audio in similarly priced headphones from other companies. But the P2s are unique in both looks and features, and they're very comfortable despite having very little headband padding. And if you're not a bass-hound like myself, you might even appreciate the exaggerated mids. But I'll wait for version 2.0.


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