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Paradox Interactive announces a slew of new strategy games and expansions

Hayden Dingman | Jan. 24, 2014
Paradox Interactive is on a roll. The company's hit game Crusader Kings II made them a household name--at least in households full of PC gamers--and Europa Universalis IV was not only the highest-rated title in the studio's history, it also made its way onto PCWorld's 2013 Games of the Year list.

Rajas of India — surprise! — expands the role of India in Crusader Kings II with a 50% larger map and three new religions.

Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations
Europa Universalis
just got an expansion in January — Conquest of Paradise, which randomized and improved the role of the Americas in the game — but there's already a second planned.

Wealth of Nations, named for the legendary Adam Smith treatise, is on its way later this year and focuses on improving the game's trade mechanics. The expansion adds privateers and caravans to the mix, as well as trade organizations like the British East India Company.

Other news
And then there are the smaller tidbits that cropped up during the press conference.

Paradox is opening a new studio, known as Paradox Arctic, made up primarily of ex-DICE and Starbreeze developers, which will be taking over War of the Roses.

The company is also hiring a staff member dedicated solely to encouraging mods and user-generated content. It's a smart move, since Paradox's mod community is one of the best around. The Game of Thrones mod forCrusader Kings II helped move a lot of copies of that game, and it'd be great to see more projects of that quality show up on Steam Workshop. Plus, embracing the mod community is always an easy way to build goodwill with the PC faithful.

Paradox also says it has signed two more high-profile developers to its publishing arm, though we won't know what those projects are until later this year.


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