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Nu Skin's ageLOC Me uses third-platform tech to improve your skin

Matt Egan | July 1, 2016
Global skincare company Nu Skin believes that its use of third-platform technology is the way for you to stay young forever. Here is how Nu Skin brought together multiple technologies, suppliers and products to provide a single product with a seamless customer experience.

A team of coders developed the app to help users select the best formula combination for the users thanks to a team of leading formulation chemists who put together a unique set of skin care formulae. This resulted in what Linder describes as 'a smart device knowing the precise amount and combination of products to dispense morning and night'. 

The company also needed to build a physical device small enough to sit non-intrusively on a vanity shelf. But the device needed to be big enough to be able to weave multiple serums together in microlayers for greater efficacy and dispense them upside down without dripping. Each team roll was crucial to the success of this product, says Nu Skin.

Developing a product: key lessons learnt

No development project ever goes exactly as expected, and Linder told us that the ageLOC Me project was no exception. He told that only as ageLOC Me developed did they start to find what works and what doesn't work.

Linder told us that keeping the team flexible to address lessons learned along the way was crucial to the development of a successful product. The other tip the company gives is that of feedback: Nu Skin says that ageLOC Me was made possible only thanks to the feedback from users they integrated at every step of the product development cycle.

Each part of the ageLOC Me system has been tested in multiple ways, Linder says. The formulas were tested through the company's Nu Skin 6S process to ensure the right formulae were available.

Extensive marketing testing was conducted. The device itself was tested mechanically and electrically according to engineering best practices. The software was validated through several testing procedures. Additional testing was completed to ensure the device meets the regulatory requirements for each of the markets where the device is sold. (

And with each test the company folded the feedback into the next iteration.

Managing suppliers is one of the great challenges of any product thaat seeks to make simple what is inherently complicated. Linder told us that the company sourced a great manufacturer who has taken on the responsibility to coordinate all the supply support for the device.

It is important to use suppliers who have a good program in place to build relationships with the sub tier suppliers and the ability to audit their quality systems.'

One final lesson learnt was the importance of keeping track of decisions made, and remaining focused on the goals and established requirements for the ageLOC Me product. Keeping your eyes on the prize, as it were, whilst iterating. Iterate, iterate, iterate.

ageLOC Me: how it works today

Together with the device and products, customers receive in one box a quick start guide to help them set up their device and information to guide them into their ageLOC Me journey.


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