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New York Times Crossword app gets its appeal across (and down)

Dan Moren | June 2, 2014
The New York Times on Tuesday launched a Web app available only to print and digital subscribers.

I do have one major complaint about the new update: Upon downloading it, I found that all the records of my previous puzzles were wiped clean, including current progress for puzzles I was working on. Not that I spend much time revisiting older puzzles, but I had a certain sense of satisfaction having maintained a pretty good history of solutions. My hope is that the new version takes a more permanent approach to those--and perhaps even integrates some form of statistics to help us puzzle solvers improve our craft.

There are some smaller glitches too, including a few of the special keyboard keys that don't quite look as sharp as they should (specifically the keys for moving between letters and clues, as well as the delete key), and I miss the option to clear the current clue instead of only being able to clear the entire puzzle. (Believe it or not, I actually don't want to wipe out all my progress that frequently.)

But aside from those details, the update gets a thumbs up. Or, to put it in terms crossword puzzle aficionados might appreciate more, a nine-letter word for "extremely good."


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