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New mobile trends emerge in SEA region: Deloitte survey

Adrian M. Reodique | Feb. 3, 2016
The survey shows that mobile users in SEA are satisfied with their Internet speed, but want a greater data volume in their mobile plans.

Despite the increasing satisfaction with the Internet speed among mobile users in SEA, the study also found out that a mobile user may still change his operator to go for better network quality options or better price packages. In addition, respondents also expect an on-demand video streaming and a flawless mobile data experience, especially with the launch of 4G and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) networks in almost every country in SEA.

Accessing the Internet

Respondents in SEA region would still use the cellular network regardless the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots in an area. 

According to the survey, Wi-Fi in this region is mostly confined to home, workplace or place of the study. The survey added that there is a low usage of Wi-Fi while commuting, which presents an opportunity for telco operators to invest in this area.

Mobile banking, payment

When it comes to mobile money transaction, the survey reported that checking bank balances and purchasing online are the most common mobile payment activities of respondents in the SEA region. In addition, they also appear to be welcoming of mobile in-store payments.

According to the survey, respondents in Malaysia have the highest willingness to use mobile-based, in-store payment solutions at 78 percent. This is followed by Indonesia (68 percent), Philippines (62 percent), Thailand (55 percent), and Singapore (51 percent).

However, respondents said that certain factors like lack of payment solutions, complicated usage, and slower processing times for cash or credit card hindered them to use in-store payment solutions.

In line with this, the survey suggested telco operators to offer a solution that will enable a simple and quick transaction. Aside from that, the report also suggested the improvement of payment security, and the expansion of the number of point-of-sale terminals that accept mobile payments.

IoT usage remains low

Usage of Internet of Things (IoT) devices remains low in the SEA region compared to other developed markets.

According to the survey, smart TV is the most popular IoT entertainment device for respondents in the region; though popularity of utility devices differs by country.

For instance, connected car and smart home appliances are the most popular IoT devices in Indonesia, while respondents in Malaysia regard connected car systems and surveillance systems as the most popular.

On the other hand, smart home is limited to high end or luxury homes. The survey reported that the two most used applications in a smart home are for controlling light and temperature of a room.

Respondents' mobile activity 

The survey reported that more than half of respondents have already checked their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. The figure soared to almost 80 percent in the Philippines and Indonesia.


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