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New Acer 27-inch panel brings IPS, 144Hz and G-Sync to a high-res monitor at last

Gordon Mah Ung | Jan. 5, 2015
Being in the monitor business must be like being the child of an overbearing parent:

Acer's other ringer is the new XG270HU monitor. Like the XB270HU (note the B there), the XG270HU is 27 inches diagonal, sports a 2560x1440 resolution, and hits a nice, high 144Hz refresh rate for ultrasmooth gaming with multiple graphics cards.

Unlike the XB270HU though, the XG270HU is probably a TN panel. I say probably, because Acer didn't specify in its announcement but also didn't emblazon 'IPS' all over it — so I'm pretty sure it's a TN. There's no G-Sync either. On the plus side, it's a nearly frameless display. That makes it better suited for those who want to run two or even three panels side-by-side for surround gaming. 

One other notable attribute of the XGT270HU is its use of HDMI 2.0, which increases the bandwidth to support higher frame rates. HDMI 1.4, which is used in most monitors, doesn't support high refresh rates, but HDMI 2.0 does — including 4K resolutions at 60Hz.

I'd lay the pricing details on you, but Acer hasn't committed just yet. I suspect Acer wants to see what other monitor makers have coming and for how much. I can tell you what Yoda said: "There is another..."


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